Administrator status will get you more rights than the usual players. You’ll get absolute administrator rights in our servers.

    Admins rights:
    amx_votemapmenu command and amx_chat
    immunity (can’t be kicked/banned and affected by other commmands)
    reservation (can join on reserved slots)
    amx_kick command;amx_banip and amx_unban commands
    amx_slay and amx_slap commands

To buy admin access rights you have to:

    1. Choose how long you want to be admin
    2. Click Buy Now and finally fill appeared form for monthly payments

    3. After you will make payment. You have to contact administration “” skype
    4. Give full details of payment and your nick and password personal information. After giving details you will get admin status.

Buy Admin
Your nick and password

If you have any questions or problems, please contact administration.

Download CS1.6

Download clean counter strike game client at high speeds.

Admin = Mirtis

Real death comes by having full privileges! Get admin and enjoy full rights of server!

Banned Players Listing

Check out the reason why abusive player get punished or know your timer when ban expires off.

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