Ach_124 Vip menu
Commands: slap slay kick ban
Commands: say chat psay tsay csay


Ach_123 Vip menu
Commands: say, chat, psay, tsay, csay


Ach_122 Slot

To buy VIP access rights, choose which kind VIP you want to be – gold or silver. Then click Get VIP below, find your country and get your VIP via SMS. If you have any questions or problems, please contact the administration.

Note that if you want to have a login on your nick, you will have to supply a password.
Password can contain only letters and numbers, spaces are not allowed. The nick can contain whatever characters are supported by the Counter-Strike engine, you should check first if you can set a desired nick in Counter-Strike. For example:

slot 123pass3 your_nickname

This would create a user on the nick “your_nickname” with the password “123pass3?. Afterwards you have to go to the Counter-Strike console and type in setinfo _pw 123pass3. Only then will you be able to connect to the server with the nick “your_nickname”.

Download CS1.6

Download clean counter strike game client at high speeds.

Admin = Mirtis

Real death comes by having full privileges! Get admin and enjoy full rights of server!

Banned Players Listing

Check out the reason why abusive player get punished or know your timer when ban expires off.

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